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Superior Risk Management for Public Entities

Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA) is the premier risk-sharing pool for public entities in California. Current members include cemetery districts, special districts (water, sewer, and lighting), fire districts, school districts, counties and cities.

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Understanding Volunteer Workers’ Compensation Coverage

The California Labor Code requires that all “employees” be covered under a workers’ compensation insurance policy. Not only does the Labor Code define “employee,” it also provides guidance about who is not an employee and, therefore, not covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Specifically,...Read More

Apr 2018 12 | Posted by liz.smith

Use of Privately Owned Vehicles for Business Purposes

We understand that circumstances often require employees to use their privately owned vehicles (POV) for business purposes. It is important for employees, managers, supervisors at all levels to understand an employee’s personal automobile policy is the primary coverage for liability and/or damages...Read More

Apr 2018 04 | Posted by liz.smith

April is National Distracted Driving Month

Did you know that April has been designated as National Distracted Driving Month? 

Distracted driving is driving while conducting any activity that deters the drivers’ attention from the task of driving the vehicle.  This includes tasks such as talking on a cell phone, sending a text message,...Read More

Apr 2018 01 | Posted by liz.smith
Glad that we are members - whenever I have a problem, GSRMA is always helpful - good insurance coverage and good rates.

Maria Carrancho

Maxwell Cemetery District