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Superior Risk Management for Public Entities

Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA) is the premier risk-sharing insurance pool for public entities in California. Current members include cemetery districts, special districts (water, sewer, and lighting), fire districts, school districts, counties and cities.

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Upcoming Property Appraisal Process

Golden State Risk Management Authority is a member of CSAC-EIA’s property program.  Every five (5) years, members of this program are required to participate in a property appraisal process.  This process ensures the scheduling of accurate replacement costs for your locations.  CSAC-EIA contracts...Read More

Sep 2016 30 | Posted by liz.smith

2017 Health Plan Open Enrollment

Thank you for your participation in the EIAHealth Program through GSRMA.  We are proud to be able to provide employee health plans with stable and predictable rates to our members.  Because of its stability and its competitive rates, the Program continues to attract new members, which only...Read More

Sep 2016 28 | Posted by liz.smith

GSRMA Trial Election Process for Board of Directors

At the September 20, 2016 meeting, the GSRMA Board of Directors reviewed and approved a trial run of an election process to fill the upcoming vacancies to the board. These vacancies will be for the board representative for the fire and special districts. Additional details and outreach will be sent...Read More

Sep 2016 26 | Posted by liz.smith
Glad that we are members - whenever I have a problem, GSRMA is always helpful - good insurance coverage and good rates.

Maria Carrancho

Maxwell Cemetery District