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Superior Risk Management for Public Entities

Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA) is the premier risk-sharing pool for public entities in California. Current members include cemetery districts, special districts (water, sewer, and lighting), fire districts, school districts, counties and cities.

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Free On-line Training

Free On-line Training

The need for training is ever present in our work worlds. Training is mandated or required to maintain compliance, build and refresh skills and/or create awareness to trending topics. Unlike training on expensive new computers or equipment, administering safety programs is...Read More

Feb 2019 21 | Posted by liz.smith

GSRMA Board of Directors Election

At the January 9, 2019 meeting, the GSRMA Board of Directors approved the candidate district list for the 2019 GSRMA Board election. The election is to be conducted from February 1 through April 19, 2019. Each district will get one vote each. The vote will either be by board action or by the...Read More

Feb 2019 01 | Posted by liz.smith
Glad that we are members - whenever I have a problem, GSRMA is always helpful - good insurance coverage and good rates.

Maria Carrancho

Maxwell Cemetery District