Traditionally, smaller public agencies have had limited options in the insurance market since small group plans typically have age-banded rates, limited plan design options, and volatile renewals.  Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA) partners with CSAC Excess Insurance Authority to provide a solution - The EIAHealth Small Group Program.

The EIAHealth Small Group Program was created to offer smaller public agencies a complete medical benefits program with all the benefits of a large group platform.  EIAHealth creates value and long-term stability for members by securing the lowest fixed cost plan components and combining employers with similar risk profiles in a financially stable pool.

The EIAHealth Small Group Program includes three tier rates, multiple products, and purchasing power of a large entity through a shared-risk approach.  Public agencies with fewer than 250 employees are eligible for the EIAHealth Small Group Program through GSRMA.  

The EIAHealth Small Group Program includes:

HMO, PPO, EPO and HDHP options
Portfolio plan designs and regional rates by geographical location 
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Provider Network options
COBRA administration

For details on the GSRMA medical plan offerings, or to discuss the specific needs of your agency, please contact: Naomi Whatley, Employee Benefits Specialist.