The CSAC EIA Dental Program was created to provide GSRMA members with comprehensive dental coverage and flexible benefits plan designs at the lowest possible rates.  Delta Dental is the nation's leading dental benefits system and offers largest network of dentists in the U.S..  The Delta Dental networks have more than 125,000 dentists nearly 61,000 more than the next closest national competitor.  

Program Highlights

  • Largest dental network in California
  • Self-insured contracts
  • Dental PPO and Premier networks available
  • Dental DHMO offered on a direct basis
  • Pooled renewals



2016 Dental Plan Summaries 

2016 Delta Dental summaries - Low plan (pdf)

2016 Delta Dental summaries - Medium plan (pdf)

2016 Delta Dental summaries - High plan (pdf)

Delta Dental Enrollment Form (pdf)