HR Legal Resource Program

One of the biggest exposures any public entity encounters is the handling of employees and employment-related issues. A review of GSRMA's loss history regarding employment lawsuits highlights this fact. Employment-related claims are distracting, demoralizing and costly to organizations. However, they are mostly preventable. For this reason, GSRMA has provided members with a Human Resources “HR” Hotline since 2011. The purpose is for vetted member representatives to access basic legal advice regarding employment-related issues at no cost to their district.

Effective immediately, Eyres Law Group, LLP will be providing the following services to GSRMA members:

Unlimited telephone calls, email communication and/or faxes from each entity’s designated contacts, for answers to employment law questions as they arise; including return to work issues, modified duty and reasonable accommodations, leave of absence management and tracking, harassment and   retaliation prevention, performance management, discipline, policy enforcement, or related employment law/practices issues.

Step-by step-coaching and advice in a privileged context to specified member entity designees for employment law decisions and subsequent actions; including review and analysis of documentation, writing or editing documentation and other assistance or legal counseling and/or advice, developing talking points for return to work and stay at work processes, and reasonable accommodation decisions, as appropriate. Each participating entity will have a separate engagement letter to assure privileges are maintained.

Introductory Webinar ELG deliver webcasts introducing this program and providing all necessary information for participating members to use the program effectively. That webcasts will be recorded and available to members via EIAtv and will remain accessible for participating members on a password-protected basis.

One Monthly Webcast customized exclusively for CSAC EIA members. The monthly webcast will focus on timely issues affecting public agencies and/or a broader employment and/or labor law issues. All webcasts will be delivered via EIAtv, and will be recorded for 24/7 access by CSAC EIA members.

Resources ELG will provide an update to the Interactive Process Manual for California Public Agencies and shall make the manual available in PDF format for each entity to provide to additional internal staff. Additionally ELG will publish a separate manual, Managing Multiple Leaves of Absence for California Public Agencies, in PDF format.

Monthly Newsletter ELG will provide a monthly publication on timely issues that directly affect California public entities. The newsletter will address timely employment law, education law, and other topics relevant to the public sector workplace. Eyres Law Group LLP will also provide, from time to time, special bulletins and memoranda on employment law cases that are relevant to California public entities, including their compliance requirements, employment policies and procedures, and unique work environments.

For more information, please see the detailed documents linked below or contact our Member Services Department at

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