HR Legal Resource Program

One of the biggest exposures any public entity encounters is the handling of employees and employment-related issues. A review of GSRMA's loss history regarding employment lawsuits highlights this fact.

We are pleased to announce that members now can seek legal advice regarding employment-related issues, at no cost to their district.  Effective July 1, 2011, members can consult the attorneys of JEPPSON & GRIFFIN, LLP for answers to questions or to seek guidance on human resource matters.

The attorneys at JEPPSON & GRIFFIN, LLP have considerable experience in a wide range of human resource matters and issues.  JEPPSON & GRIFFIN, LLP works with clients in building a proactive “problem prevention” approach aimed at eliminating or minimizing claims before they happen.  Thus, when an employment issues arises, early involvement of the JEPPSON & GRIFFIN, LLP attorneys will help you handle the matter as quickly and efficiently as possible, and with the least amount of liability exposure.

Employment-related claims are distracting, demoralizing and costly to any organization. However, they are mostly preventable. For this reason, we are taking this aggressive approach to help minimize the risk and expense. We urge you to become as knowledgeable as possible about how best to handle Human Resource issues and, most importantly, call the attorneys at JEPPSON & GRIFFIN, LLP as early as possible when you detect a problem may be developing.

For more information regarding this resource contact our office at (530) 934-5633. To access the hotline, call 877-780-7099 or email