The following services are available to GSRMA member agencies at no cost:

Training- courses available for on-site or regional training. See our list of available courses here.

On-line training: Target Solutions- An on-line loss prevention program that incorporates on-line training, tools to distribute organizational policies and track compliance tasks, as well as an automated system to monitor employee driving records. For additional information on Target Solutions, please click here

Medcor- Medcor is our toll-free nurse triage program used for reporting workplace injuries and illnesses. The nurse triage system provides employees with immediate access to medical professionals and sound medical advise, as well as it provides prompt, consolidated reporting of the incidents. For more information on Medcor, please view their brochure here

Site Inspections- Staff will come to your site and conduct a safety inspection of your facilities. For more information, or to request an inspection, contact our staff at  

Playground Inspections- Certified Playground Inspector will come to your site and conduct an inspection of your playground facilities. For more information, or to request an inspection, contact our staff at  

Ergonomic Evaluations- Staff will come to your site and conduct ergonomic evaluations for requested staff. To request an evaluation please submit the following form (word) (pdf) to

WeTip- An anonymous crime reporting program which offers cash rewards of up to $1,000. For additional details regarding WeTip please click here.

HR Legal resource program for employment liability exposures-  GSRMA is pleased to announce that members now can seek legal advice regarding employment-related issues, at no cost to their district.  Members can consult the Eyres Law Group, LLP for answers to questions or to seek guidance on human resources matters. Learn more here.

Loss Prevention Subsidy Fund (LPSF) - Members can request this subsidy to offset training expense up to $1,000 annually.  To apply for funding fill out the document below, print it out and send it to:  GSRMA, Attn:  Mark Marshall, P.O. Box 706, Willows, CA 95988, or via fax at (530) 934-8133. Download the LPSF Request Form (pdf)

Risk Management Accreditation Program(RMAP).  This program replaces the Loss Prevention Incentive Plan (LPIP) with a best practices emphasis where accreditation is possible.  Members may qualify for this award by completing and submitting their RMAP application. The first step is to review the application and note the time requirements.  The maximum award is 10% of their annual contribution (maximum$50,000) based upon qualifications.  Accreditation is earned when a member achieves the maximum award of 10%. 

PLEASE NOTE, this program is intended to function as a “road map” for improving operations at your district, reducing claims and preventing losses.  We are happy to provide further explanation of the program and provide assistance.  Please call (530) 934-5633 or email . RMAP Application Form (pdf)