GSRMA Monthly Newsletter

Nov 2014 24 | Posted by naomi.whatley

Golden State Risk Management has rolled out a new monthly member newsletter series, and I would like to take a moment to introduce you to it.  Our Loss Prevention and Member Services personnel have been working hard at composing information and resources regarding health and wellness for this series.

In the first issue, “Your Health and Wellness Journey Starts Here”, we spoke about the direct correlation that health has with employee absence, health care costs, workers’ compensation and disability claims.  We included resources such as a weekly food journal and a WebMD link to an online food and fitness planner.

Our second issue, “Get Holiday Healthy!” showcased the importance of meal planning, healthy nutrition and exercise during the holiday season. 

Keep your eyes open for the third installment hitting your emails next week, “Surviving the Holidays!”  We understand that the holidays can bring a whole assortment of mental and physical challenges.  The subjects and resources in this issue are invaluable and will touch on topics of Time Management, Financial Burdens, Illness/Depression and Family Expectations.  

Every month we will be challenging our readers to submit their favorite healthy recipes, stress reduction ideas or exercises.  We will be picking one of these items every month, showcasing them in the following month’s publications and composing a book at the end of our series of all the great information submitted by you.  The chosen recipe, stress reduction or exercise ideas will receive a GSRMA Wellness Kit.

The monthly publication emails will be from Loss Prevention Team @ GSRMA.  I assure you this is from our office and is not spam.  If you have not received the first 2 issues, please check your junk mail box or spam filters.  We want to ensure that you are given the opportunity to receive our Health and Wellness publications.  For a printed copy, contact me, Naomi Whatley at 530-934-5633.

Please share our publication with others.  If you know someone who would benefit from our monthly Health and Wellness newsletter please provide us their email address so we can add them to our distribution list.