GSRMA’s 12th Annual Training Conference

Aug 2016 10 | Posted by liz.smith

GSRMA’s 12th Annual Training Conference

We are holding our 12th annual training conference on October 20th - 21st at Rolling Hills Resort in Corning. Like our previous conferences, great speakers will present relevant subject matter in an entertaining manner. And this year we are expanding the conference to a second day. Thursday’s content will be appropriate for the general audience, while concurrent breakout sessions Friday morning are designed for either district board members or for those in supervisorial, management or leadership positions. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Improving Human Performance

Randy Anderson, CSP - Professional Trainer

Do the managers and supervisors in your organization utilize a “one size fits all situations” approach to leadership? While it is important for a person’s work to be a genuine extension of who they are, it is equally important that leaders realize the necessity of acclimating to the specific circumstances and variables which they will inevitably experience. This session will equip people in a position of authority with a systematic approach to determine the best leadership style in any given situation in order to improve human performance.

Employee Complaints and Investigations

Jami Terrell and Michelle Laidlaw - Employment Law Attorneys

Attorneys from Hunt Jeppson and Griffin, LLP will lead us through the complex process for effectively handling employee complaint investigations.  They will provide clear and practical guidance on when an investigation is necessary, options for hiring outside counsel to conduct an investigation, tools to plan and organize the investigation, and skills needed to conduct the investigation and draft a report.

Critical Incident Response – Building an Effective Program

Dr. Bob May – Risk Management and Organizational Consultant

It seems that every time we watch the news these days, a critical incident is occurring somewhere in the world. Recent acts of terrorism have caused many of us to become fearful of similar attacks hitting close to home.  During this session, Dr. Bob May will dive into the heart of critical incident management exploring pre-incident planning, incident response and business continuity.

No Host Social Hour

Dinner Reception Hosted by GSRMA


Friday – October 21, 2016

Board Governance

Hunt Jeppson and Griffin, LLP

Governing board members of special districts have the authority, and the responsibility, to provide leadership and oversight to their respective districts. Board members must have a clear understanding of the requirements of their position. In this session, we will explore the roles and responsibilities of board members, examine the proper execution of public meetings, and address general board governance issues.

Leadership Development for Managers

The Training Place – Butte College

This session is designed for managers who wish to improve or revitalize their leadership proficiency. Participants will be guided through real-world scenarios to experience practical tools available to address common issues faced by managers. Attendees will leave with a better knowledge of the skillset needed to be a successful manager and actual techniques they can use immediately upon their return to their district. 


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