Loss Prevention Services

Aug 2016 24 | Posted by liz.smith

Allocating staff time and valuable, limited resources to safety programs and training can be difficult for small districts to justify. That is, until the inevitable day when OSHA comes knocking. When OSHA sits down to discuss safety with staff at your district, the value of your efforts is readily apparent. If you have a current Injury Illness Prevention Program, Heat Illness Prevention Program and attention is regularly given to  safety training, policies and procedures, staff can confidently address the inspector’s requests. OSHA inspectors are notorious for careful questioning and identifying common pitfalls in training and programs.

Recently a GSRMA member with a demonstrated commitment to safety successfully avoided a costly citation-- one infraction could have cost the member $7,000! 

Luckily you are not alone in your pursuit of OSHA readiness. The Loss Prevention Team at GSRMA is available to consult at your convenience.  You can e-mail your questions to lossprevention@gsrma.org or call to request specific, review polices or troubleshoot effectiveness of current programs.