LPIP Applicants and GSRMA General Membership - Take Note

Aug 2016 08 | Posted by liz.smith

During the 2015-2016 year, GSRMA was no stranger to change--including adding staff to Member Services and Loss Prevention to continue to provide the best possible service to our ever-growing membership.  As the newest member to the GSRMA Loss Prevention team, I am pleased to announce that the 2016/2017 Loss Prevention Incentive Plan application is now available on our website at the following link:

For those not yet familiar with the LPIP, please keep reading.  The Loss Prevention department is ready and willing to support your pursuit of this financial incentive to award safety and loss prevention efforts at your district.  Your district is eligible to earn up to 10% of your current year’s annual contribution, subject to a $50,000 maximum per member agency, by reporting on practices and training you may already be doing!

Need a road map to improving operations at your district?  The LPIP application can be just that.  With Administrative, Claims and Safety sections, it’s a reference tool as well as an incentive program.

Past applicants will notice there are some significant changes to the new LPIP application. In addition to the existing requirements, points are now awarded for:

  • Training efforts in the following areas:  board governance, management training or leadership development, and defensive driving for those who drive for district business. 
  • In the area of administrative policy and safety, demonstrating a financial audit policy, checks and balances in financial matters, near miss reporting and accident investigation will earn you additional points.
  • And lastly, where HR is concerned, if your district has a Return to Work Program that addresses the Interactive Process, even more points will be awarded. 

With a total of 110 points available, and the minimum threshold to receive an award being 60 points, there is simply no way to know what you may qualify for unless you try.   Not sure what some of the requirements mean?  You are not alone.  Our team is available to consult with you on site, at your convenience. 

All of us at GSRMA’s Loss Prevention Department take pride in supporting our member’s pursuit of this valuable incentive.  Please call our office or email lossprevention@gsrma.org to get started today. 

Change is the only constant in today’s world.    Here at GSRMA our hope is that your district refers to “change” as a form of continual improvement.  We hope that kind of “change” is embraced by your staff and celebrated by GSRMA when your district is the recipient of an LPIP award in May of 2017.

Betsey Downey, Safety & Loss Prevention Specialist