MISSION: Stay Safe

Sep 2017 12 | Posted by liz.smith

Safety programs and training should never be (permanently) crossed off your to-do list.  Yet, evaluating the effectiveness and determining where to go next can be a challenge. Unfortunately, safety does not end with simply establishing a program suited to your operation. Managers and department leads must actually do what the program says will be done, at each and every turn of the operation. Just as you may counsel an employee for not following an operational procedure, so must you counsel for violation of safety rules.  And, there is a good chance operation procedures are in place for SAFETY reasons so you really are working for the greater good of employees, the district and the community as a whole.

Revisiting, revising and refreshing the safety program and training offered to employees must be ongoing. If the existing program is still resulting in injuries on the job, you ought to reconsider the effectiveness of your program. If you do not revisit, revise and follow through with enforcement, what is the purpose of having a plan?

Compliance with regulations is not merely suggestion, it is the law. Your safety program will be scrutinized if, heaven forbid, something terrible were to happen at your district.  Will your program be compliant?  How about committed?  If the program hasn’t been revisited in the past 5-10 years, compliance is unlikely and demonstrating your commitment even less so.

As you consider the effectiveness of your safety program, ask yourself: what is the safety culture of your organization today? How do staff share ideas about safety improvements? How are staff encouraged to become involved with safety?

Cultivating effective safety programs does not fit with a ‘check the box’ mentality.

We here at GSRMA are planning an event to energize the safety culture at your district. If you have not yet considered attending  GSRMA’s  13th Annual Training Conference, please see the event flyer posted here:


You are guaranteed to learn information relevant to improving safety operations and energize your safety program.  We sincerely hope you join us.  Until then—and beyond, please:  make it your mission to Stay Safe!

If you have already signed up, don’t worry. We have your registration and are looking forward to seeing you in Corning on October 19th and 2oth!