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Cyber Security Training

Technology has revolutionized the way we do business. The variety of threats to our data and computer systems are a real and growing concern. What has your organization done to mitigate these risks? In order to update policies and implement data protection controls to prevent this disruption to...Read More

May 2019 01 | Posted by liz.smith

Free On-line Training

Free On-line Training

The need for training is ever present in our work worlds. Training is mandated or required to maintain compliance, build and refresh skills and/or create awareness to trending topics. Unlike training on expensive new computers or equipment, administering safety programs is...Read More

Feb 2019 21 | Posted by liz.smith

Heat Illness Prevention and Information

Sadly, outdoor workers die every summer due to being inadequately prepared for the high temperatures. Prolonged sun exposure and physical exertion put outdoor workers at a special risk, especially for those who are not yet acclimated to the heat or at risk due to personal reasons such as...Read More

May 2018 31 | Posted by liz.smith

April is National Distracted Driving Month

Did you know that April has been designated as National Distracted Driving Month? 

Distracted driving is driving while conducting any activity that deters the drivers’ attention from the task of driving the vehicle.  This includes tasks such as talking on a cell phone, sending a text message,...Read More

Apr 2018 01 | Posted by liz.smith

Updates to Prevailing Wage Laws

By Mark R. Velasquez, Esq.

Senate Bill 96 was signed into law on June 27, 2017 and became effective immediately.  The bill makes some changes to prevailing wage including the following:

•   The subcontractor list form submitted by bidders for public works contracts must now include the DIR...Read More

Feb 2018 08 | Posted by liz.smith

Harden Targets

Unfortunately, it would appear there is a rise in theft and burglary statewide. Businesses suffer disproportionately from theft, burglary and robbery when you consider the number of homes vs. businesses in our communities. The most important thing you can do is call the police to report a crime or...Read More

Jan 2018 17 | Posted by liz.smith

New Laws for 2018 – Legislative Update

Employers take note - there are several new laws on the horizon for 2018 that potentially impact your operations.  Below is a summary of the new laws. Please review each of these laws in greater detail to determine the impact for your organization. 

Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual...Read More

Dec 2017 06 | Posted by liz.smith

‘Tis The Season…for Slips, Trips and Falls

With wet weather upon us, we here at GSRMA would like to urge you to take extra precautions while walking on floors that could potentially be wet or slippery. The best way to prevent falls is with engineering controls such as rough surfaces, minimizing transitions in flooring and designing walkways...Read More

Nov 2017 09 | Posted by liz.smith

13th Annual GSRMA Conference a Success!

The 13th Annual Conference of GSRMA was a success. The theme “Breakthrough to excellence…your safety program!”  was the backdrop for networking and mingling as members were made aware of the importance of safety to our risk pool. 

For the second year, the two day format was the best attended...Read More

Nov 2017 06 | Posted by liz.smith

June is National Safety Month

Summer begins June 21st, but the season and all the opportunities for fun—and heat related hazards—are officially upon us.  We hope you are all in the safety mindset and heat and water safety have been topics both in your homes and workplaces.

If not, it’s not too late!  June is National Safety...Read More

Jun 2017 07 | Posted by liz.smith

Labor Law Posters

The 2017 labor law posters have been shipped! Depending on the address of your district, they will arrive either via FedEx or USPS. If you do not receive your poster in the next week, please contact our Member Services Department at or call us at 530-934-5633.

To assist...Read More

Jan 2017 04 | Posted by liz.smith

12th Annual GSRMA Training Conference a Success!

Another wonderful Golden State Risk Management Authority Annual Conference is in the books!  Although we might be a little biased, we think the 12th Annual GSRMA Training Conference was our best event yet.  This year we introduced a new format for the conference.  A second day of training, in the...Read More

Nov 2016 03 | Posted by liz.smith

Loss Prevention Services

Allocating staff time and valuable, limited resources to safety programs and training can be difficult for small districts to justify. That is, until the inevitable day when OSHA comes knocking. When OSHA sits down to discuss safety with staff at your district, the value of your efforts is readily...Read More

Aug 2016 24 | Posted by liz.smith

Have Pokémon Invaded Your District?

Have you noticed a sharp increase of people in your district walking around strangely staring in their phones?  Then you may be the victim of Niantic, Inc.’s latest game, Pokémon Go.  Pokémon Go is similar to the original Pokémon game. You look for the critters called Pokémon, catch them by hitting...Read More

Aug 2016 22 | Posted by liz.smith

GSRMA’s 12th Annual Training Conference

GSRMA’s 12th Annual Training Conference

We are holding our 12th annual training conference on October 20th - 21st at Rolling Hills Resort in Corning. Like our previous conferences, great speakers will present relevant subject matter in an entertaining manner. And this year we are expanding the...Read More

Aug 2016 10 | Posted by liz.smith

SB 272 Updates California Public Records Act with New Mandate

As a July 1, 2016 compliance date comes closer, many public agencies are starting to discuss what this Senate Bill means and how it will affect them. SB 272 requires each local agency, except a local educational agency, to create a catalog of enterprise systems.

An enterprise system is defined as...Read More

Jun 2016 24 | Posted by liz.smith

Heat Illness

Here we are again, it’s hot.  We have officially moved from ‘use caution’ to ‘use extreme caution’ with regard to the steadily rising, here comes summer temperatures. Prolonged sun exposure and/or physical activity can cause a number of problems for those who are not yet acclimated to the heat...Read More

Jun 2016 01 | Posted by liz.smith

Dividends Announced for Golden State Risk Management Authority Members

On May 11, 2016 the Golden State Risk Management Authority Board of Directors approved a $250,000 dividend for its members.

The availability of funds for a dividend can be directly attributed to lower than anticipated claims costs and the overall positive performance of the pool over the last 10...Read More

May 2016 16 | Posted by liz.smith

GSRMA: The Healthcare Alternative

Many California public entities that provide their employees health insurance coverage through CalPERS suffered large increases – some as high as 21% - in their medical insurance rates last year. This was not the case for those in the GSRMA Small Group Health Program. The GSRMA Small Group Health...Read More

Mar 2016 31 | Posted by liz.smith

When and How to File Taxes Without a 1095-B or 1095-C Form

The Affordable Care Act requires most individuals to obtain minimum health coverage or pay a penalty, with some exceptions. The penalty for not having coverage will be assessed for the 2015 tax year. 

The IRS has clarified that individuals do not have to delay filing their 2015 income tax returns...Read More

Feb 2016 08 | Posted by liz.smith

Affordable Care Act Reporting for Under 50 Employees


The ACA created two new reporting requirements for calendar year 2015 to be reported in 2016. The reports are the Minimum Essential Coverage report (also known as MEC, the 6055 report or the 1094B and 1095B “B series” reports) and the Applicable Large Employer report (also known as ALE,...Read More

Jan 2016 27 | Posted by liz.smith

Affordable Care Act Reporting for Over 50 Employees


The ACA created two new reporting requirements for calendar year 2015 to be reported in 2016.This will be an annual requirement with data from the prior year being reported to the IRS and individuals in the first quarter of each year. The reports are the Minimum Essential Coverage report...Read More

Jan 2016 27 | Posted by liz.smith

2014 Annual Conference Update: $1,000 WINNER!

In October 2014, Golden State Risk Management held our 10th Annual Conference.  Due to popular demand we welcomed back speaker Fred Shafer.  Fred’s enthusiasm and motivation encouraged many attendees to focus on a healthier version of who they are.  During his presentation, Fred mentioned his...Read More

Mar 2015 09 | Posted by naomi.whatley