If you are not yet a GSRMA Member:

Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA) provides small to medium sized public entities in California a solution to their insurance and risk management needs.

Larger California public entities like counties, cities and school districts have a dedicated staff of risk managers, legal counsel, claims specialists and loss prevention experts to administrate their insurance and risk management programs.

Smaller entities including rural counties, smaller municipalities, schools and special districts often do not have the budgets to support some or all of these staff positions.

GSRMA provides its member entities with the same level of support, knowledge and sophistication that larger districts enjoy and we do so at a lower cost than members were paying for their insurance coverage alone with their previous carrier.

Welcome to a unique risk management option where we:

  • Provide members with the tools, resources and training to help protect their employees and their property from harm.
  • Provide members the best, most comprehensive coverage available for when a loss does occur.
  • Provide all services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible to keep rates as low as possible.
  • Embrace the philosophy that GSRMA exists for the benefit of its members.

If you are not satisfied with the quality or cost of your current coverage, let’s talk. We are the answer to over 280 California public entities risk pooling needs. We could be the answer for your entity.