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Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance functions play a vital part in the quality of any insurance pool. It is vital that members can trust that their pool is financially sound and run in a fiscally safe and secure manner.

On the accounting side, the Accounting and Finance Department is responsible for payables and receivables, bank reconciliations and the production of monthly financial statements and semi-monthly Board reports. Computation of individual members' annual contribution amounts and reconciliation of claims systems to the general ledger are two of the more complex functions for this team.

For finance, this department manages the funds used for future claims payments. Some of these funds are invested conservatively in highly rated bonds while the remainder stays in various bank, money market and related accounts that must be maintained and managed to provide adequate cash to pay the bills while achieving maximum return on investment.

GSRMA's Accounting and Finance Department work closely with the Claims Department to fund claims and manage cash. They work with the Risk Manager to develop budgets and annual contribution schedules. They also work with Member Services and Loss Prevention to provide comparative and trending information relating to pool and individual member costs.

Rick Krepelka acts as Director of Finance and is assisted by Operations Manager, Cathy Mudd and Accounting Technician, Ryan Schimke. The department also works closely with the pool's auditor, actuary and insurance carriers.

Claims -

Claims handling is one of the primary functions of the GSRMA pool. All claims, including workers' compensation, liability, property and auto are managed and processed internally by GSRMA staff.

Our Claims Department management and staff are experienced and well-trained. They stay current with changes in the law and related court decisions that impact claims requirements and costs. Claims are processed as cost-effectively as possible with an emphasis placed on our members' and the pool's best interests. Above all, claims are handled in a professional and efficient manner.

Tricia Alderman manages the workers’ compensation department, supported by claims examiners Jaheesha Griffin and Melinda Robinson, with additional assistance provided by Tracey Crosby and Desiree Lewis. Scott Schimke manages liability and property claims with assistance from Sam Taylor.


While everyone at GSRMA is responsible for customer service, there are staff members whose primary function is to provide member service.  The Member Service Department works to find the most effective ways to deliver high quality service and determine if there are additional services that will benefit our members.

Consistent and thorough communication with our members is essential for us to deliver the highest quality service.  Member Services is focused on such communication.  Personal visits to members' sites and facilities is a primary function to our Member Services group.  Phone calls and emails to assist members with coverage questions or to help resolve issues are part of Member Services daily activities.

Member Services is responsible for production and distribution of the Annual Report to Membership, quarterly newsletter as well as organization of the GSRMA Annual Training Conference.

They also oversee development and placing of promotional materials and attend various public agency conferences to meet with existing members to promote our organization to potential members.  Member Services underwrites, evaluates and enrolls new members.

GSRMA's safety programs and services are coordinated with the Members Services Department functions.

Jennifer Peters is currently leading the Member Services Department. She is assisted by Liz Smith, and often works together with Mark Marshall, Betsey Downey and Steve Wood on site visits and conference attendance. Members can expect excellent service from every staff member.  We are constantly looking for better ways to serve our members.

Pool Management 

The key to any successful governmental insurance pool is competent and experienced pool management.

GSRMA's Management Team brings a variety of experience and practical knowledge to the organization. In addition, the team members are actively involved in professional organizations specializing in insurance pooling and risk management.

Scott Schimke leads the team as Risk Manager and Executive Director. Rick Krepelka oversees all aspects of pool operations. Jennifer Peters manages the Member Services and Loss Prevention departments and Tricia Alderman directs the Workers’ Compensation department. Together, they bring roughly 100 years of pooling, insurance, claims, accounting and technology experience to GSRMA.

Safety & Loss Prevention -

Safety and Loss Prevention is vital to our members in many ways. Most importantly, strong safety and loss prevention activities may help keep our member employees and the general public safe and healthy. A safe work environment results in lower lost work hours thereby improving productivity and efficiency. And, to round out the triple-win, safer work environments decrease losses which can result in lower insurance costs.

Jennifer Peters, Mark Marshall, Betsey Downey and Steve Wood provide our Safety and Loss Prevention Services. They work closely with the Claims Department and often work together with Member Services staff on site visits and conference attendance.