Serving California County and City Districts

We Can Help

It is challenging for smaller cities and counties to afford the level of risk management expertise required to adequately serve their needs.

Our team has a breadth of practical experience in city and county governance and operations that allows us to quickly understand and react to the unique needs of this group of members. We also act as a member entity’s trusted advisor in all areas of risk management such as identification of adequate levels of risk financing, risk exposure reduction, loss prevention and risk control best practices.

Our members also benefit from online, local and regional training offerings, HR advisory services, review of contracts for appropriate insurance requirements and procurement of special coverage for unique exposures – all at no cost.

Becoming A Member

Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA) provides small to medium sized public entities in California a solution to their insurance and risk management needs. GSRMA members receive the same level of support, knowledge and sophistication that larger districts enjoy at a lower cost.