Serving California Fire Districts

We Can Help

We understand that the needs of fire districts are different than the needs of other public entities in several ways.

Fire district risks – both in liability and workers’ compensation – are governed by a long list of legislation passed specifically for their industry. We have insured fire districts since 1979 and currently have over 50 fire district members both larger paid districts as well as mixed or all volunteer districts. Moreover, members of our team represent over 35 years of firefighter experience, ranging from volunteer service all the way to chief and board member!

Our fire members utilize our specialized trainings and take advantage of funds we make available for additional outside trainings.

Becoming A Member

Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA) provides small to medium sized public entities in California a solution to their insurance and risk management needs. GSRMA members receive the same level of support, knowledge and sophistication that larger districts enjoy at a lower cost.