In October 2014, Golden State Risk Management held our 10th Annual Conference. Due to popular demand we welcomed back speaker Fred Shafer. Fred’s enthusiasm and motivation encouraged many attendees to focus on a healthier version of who they are. During his presentation, Fred mentioned his newest program, Fit 50 that was soon to be released. With the program’s release, Fred encouraged readers to take on his Fit 50 challenge even offering a $1,000 reward to one individual reporting on their success. That winner was from one of our members. Congratulations Nancy Avram of Kimshew Cemetery District for staying motivated and sticking with the program! You can see a portion of Nancy’s testimony below, published in Fred’s email newsletter and available on his website at .

“I felt ok before 50FIT, and now I feel great! It paid off. Normally I gain about 5 pounds during the holidays and it takes till March to lose it. Instead I LOST four pounds. I like the types of exercises because they help me with everyday living (lifting objects, daily chores, picking up things). I feel stronger and more confident that I will avoid injuries by continuing the 50FIT program. It’s wonderful!

Thank you Fred”

Nancy Avram, Kimshew Cemetery District, California