On Friday, August 28th, California unveiled a new tiered COVID-19 county monitoring system, known as the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. This new system will replace the old County Data Monitoring “watch list” system of tracking and offers a new path to reopening. The new system focuses on two metrics: daily number of new cases and overall test positivity rate. The new system features four risk tiers, ranging from Widespread to Minimal risk. Below is a table that shows each risk level, their trigger points, and associated color on the county map.

As of August 28th, every county was assigned a tier. Counties will stay in their assigned tier for a minimum of 3 weeks. Once a county has shown that it can maintain the next lower (or higher) tier’s criteria for two consecutive weeks, it will be assigned to that next tier. If a county’s case rate and positivity rate fall into different tiers, the county will remain in the stricter tier.

Please click here to view the full framework of the tiers and what businesses can open, and at what capacity. All capacities assume modifications are in place, such as social distancing, masks, etc.

Please click here to view the state’s website, which will show your current counties tier and allow you to search by individual businesses or activities. If you have any questions on this new monitoring system, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Loss Prevention Department.