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Navigating Through the 2024 Insurance Crisis: A Guide for California’s Public Entities

The insurance landscape across the United States, particularly in California, is in turmoil. What's increasingly being referred to as a 'crisis' has evolved over recent years and shows little sign of easing. A mix of natural disasters, large legal settlements, challenging regulations, and inflation has led to an unstable insurance [...]

Balancing Growth and Safety: Controlling Risk Within Cadet Programs

It’s no secret to the volunteer fire protection districts of California that volunteerism is in a lull to say the least. Establishing a cadet program within a public volunteer fire district is an opportunity to nurture future firefighters while protecting the district's interests. Understanding Legal Frameworks Let’s just start off [...]

Is Your Business Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Protecting your agency against ransomware attacks is of utmost importance in today's digital landscape. This article will provide you with key information on safeguarding your organization through the use of backups and best practices. We will explore the critical role of backups in preventing ransomware attacks, how threat actors attempt [...]

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