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GL1 Renewal and Summary of Biometric Exclusion

Author: Sarah Bishop, PRISM Underwriting Manager Despite historically hard general liability market conditions, PRISM successfully renewed the GL1 Program on July 1, 2023 with more than a 98% member retention. While rates unfortunately increased, we were able to maintain the $25 million per occurrence program limits. Coverage remained as expiring [...]

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Is Your Business Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Protecting your agency against ransomware attacks is of utmost importance in today's digital landscape. This article will provide you with key information on safeguarding your organization through the use of backups and best practices. We will explore the critical role of backups in preventing ransomware attacks, how threat actors attempt [...]

Important Pollution Policy Information

Many GSRMA member agencies are afforded pollution coverage through Public Risk Innovation, Solutions, and Management’s (PRISM) Pollution Program. The Pollution policy is written on a claims made and reported basis. Any known claims and all known incidents that could give rise to a claim must be reported to the company [...]

Guest Article: Performance Review Pitfalls

Common Performance Review Distortions and Retaliatory Decision-Making that Leads to Wrongful Termination and Retaliatory Termination Lawsuits by Patricia Eyres, Managing Partner Eyres Law Group, LLP There are many bases for claims of wrongful termination under California law. The types of claims range significantly and fall into two broad categories: Discrimination [...]

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