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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training due by January, 2021

By January 1st, 2021, all employers in California who have 5 or more employees will be required to ensure that all employees have taken Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. This is a biennial training requirement, meaning that a retraining is due every 2 years from the date the employee is first [...]

Free Sanitizer and Disinfectant Training for Teachers and Support Staff

Were you aware that sanitizers and disinfectants were classified as pesticides? The Healthy Schools Act (HSA) requires anyone using any pesticide at a school or childcare center to complete HSA training, annually. DPR has created several courses that fulfill the requirements set forth from the HSA, all free of cost. These [...]

15th GSRMA Annual Conference is a wrap!

The 15th GSRMA Annual Conference is a wrap! This year’s theme, “Vision”, is defined as the “the faculty or state of being able to see, or the ability to think about or plan for the future with imagination and wisdom.” The word, and its definition, embodies our goal for our interaction [...]

By |November 19th, 2019|Trainings/Conferences|

Social Media Strategies

Community members of all ages and backgrounds are increasing their use of social media tools as a way to connect to each other and the issues they care about. Not surprisingly, cities and counties are also increasing their use of these communications channels to reach residents. These articles and tip sheets [...]

By |November 14th, 2018|Trainings/Conferences|

Fantastic Fourteen!

Fantastic Fourteen! GSRMA’s 14th Annual Training Conference opened October 18, 2018 at Rolling Hills Casino in Corning, California and continued into October 19th. Many thanks to all those who attended, making “Dangerous Shoals” our best attended conference to date. Thursday’s session welcomed 144 attendees and Friday, 114. The GSRMA team delivered [...]

By |October 31st, 2018|Trainings/Conferences|
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