COVID-19 cases are on rise, as are the number of questions we are receiving from members. One of the most common questions we hear after an agency has a COVID-19 exposure is, “What next?”  Below you will find a decision tree that is designed to help answer that question and help guide managers through the process of deciding who needs to isolate or quarantine.

Once an employee has tested positive, there are several questions you managers need to start asking such as who was exposed, what is the vaccination status of those exposed, are they experiencing symptoms, etc. It is very difficult to remember every rule for every situation, especially since they have changed considerably since the beginning of the pandemic. With the guidance of the decision tree, employers can remove some of the mystery and guesswork out of dealing with a COVID-19 exposure.

This decision tree is not all encompassing, and it does not supersede your local agency’s Public Health Department, but it is a great place to start when you get the news of a COVID-19 positive employee. We recommend printing a copy and keeping it at your desk, because as time has shown us, unfortunately, it’s become a matter of not if, but when you will receive the news of a COVID-19 positive employee. Should you have any questions or need any assistance with any of the above information, please feel free to contact either Jennifer Peters, Assistant Risk Manager, or Tricia Alderman, Director of Claims, through this link, or via phone at (530)934-5633.

Click here to download the Isolation/Quarantine Decision Tree.

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