California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) has recently posted a grant funding opportunity available to both cities and special districts. The purpose of this grant is to support special districts and incorporated cities with emergency preparedness measures in response to California’s frequent power outage events. There is $13,000,000 allocated for incorporated cities, and $20,000,000 allocated for special districts. Each grant has a maximum award of $300,000 and awards are chosen based off need.

Special districts must have an identified critical facility or facilities, or provide critical infrastructure(click here for full list). Some examples of our member agencies that meet these requirements would be:

  • Fire districts
  • Districts associated with the provision of drinking water or processing of wastewater including facilities used to pump, divert, transport, store, treat and deliver water or wastewater

Funds may be used to purchase equipment such as:

  • Generators and generator connections for essential facilities
  • Generator fuel and storage
  • Redundant emergency communications (e.g., battery-powered radios)
  • Portable vehicle-mounted charging stations

Funds may be used for the development/update of:

  • Continuity plans
  • Contingency plans for electrical disruptions that include considerations such as protecting individuals with access and functional needs, medical baseline and socially vulnerable populations, transportation, emergency public information, and preservation of essential functions
  • Risk assessments for critical infrastructure and lifelines
  • Post-event reports that identify lessons learned and corrective actions

Grants are due Friday, October 30th, by 5:00PM. Please see below for applications. Any questions should be directed to

Community Power Resiliency Allocation to Cities RFP

Community Power Resiliency Allocation to Special Districts RFP