PRISM (formerly CSAC-EIA) recently announced the 2020 recipients of the Exemplary Achievement in Government Leadership and Enrichment Award, also known as the EAGLE Award. Each year, PRISM picks several recipients for the EAGLE Award based on their contributions to risk management and pooling as a whole. The EAGLE Award has three primary purposes:

  1. To recognize noteworthy innovation and achievement in the field of risk management.
  2. To acknowledge and encourage excellence in risk management in a formal, professional, and public way.
  3. To better inform and enlighten the other PRISM members on best practices and innovative risk management programs

GSRMA was selected as a recipient of the EAGLE Award for the category of Innovation in Pool Management for our Risk Management Accreditation Program (RMAP). The RMAP was born of necessity upon analyzing our membership and seeing a trend of higher claims associated with a lack of risk management and loss prevention policies. The RMAP lays out the framework for a member’s agency to implement robust loss prevention and risk management policies and procedures at their agency. Also, agencies who participate in the RMAP have the added incentive that they are eligible to receive up to 10% of their contribution back, capped at $75,000.

The RMAP is a win-win for both GSRMA and for the participating agencies. For the agencies, they are able to receive up to 10% of their contribution back, to spend on anything for their district, though we do encourage them to put the funds towards safety and loss prevention. For GSRMA, it is a win because agencies who participate in the RMAP have lower loss ratios, helping to better fund the pool.

GSRMA is honored to be a recipient of the EAGLE Award and would like to give a big thanks to PRISM for considering and selecting us for the award this year.

If your agency is not currently participating in the RMAP, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Loss Prevention Department so that we may help guide you through the process. Please take a moment to look at our current RMAP application, so that you may understand what will be required of your agency.