As a member of PRISM, GSRMA is subject to a claims audit every 2 years. These are independent audits that review both claims handling of Workers’ Compensation claims as well as General Liability/Property/Auto claims. These audits function as a verification to ensure that PRISM members are adhering to strict guideline set forth in their governing documents.

A sampling of random claims are selected and evaluated, with ratings including Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Below Expectations, and Unsatisfactory. The audit is conducted by an independent auditing firm and covers areas such as:

  • Number of claims per adjuster
  • Adequate claims reserving
  • Timeliness of claims handling and benefit management
  • File management and reconciliation

GSRMA is proud to announce that all items reviewed received either Exceeds Expectations or Meets Expectations. Better yet, our overall audit finding was Exceeds Expectations for both Workers’ Compensation and General Liability/Property/Auto. We would like to acknowledge our claims staff for their hard work in this achievement including Risk Manager Scott Schimke, Director of Claims Tricia Alderman, Adjusters Jaheesha Griffin, Brenda Eldredge, Melinda Robinson, and Claims Assistants Tracey Crosby, Desiree Lewis, and Sam Taylor.