Many California public entities that provide their employees health insurance coverage through CalPERS suffered large increases – some as high as 21% – in their medical insurance rates last year. This was not the case for those in the GSRMA Small Group Health Program. The GSRMA Small Group Health Program was created to provide smaller public agencies with a cost-effective alternative to their health plans. Built around a large pool of public entities, it can offer small groups the benefits and prices of large group programs. In addition, the program is managed for stability. It avoids wide rate swings, such as those with CalPERS, that make it difficult for smaller entities to incorporate into annual budgets.

If your entity is in CalPERS or any other high cost program or you are looking at providing health care coverage for the first time, you need to learn more about the EIAHealth Program provided through GSRMA.

As you may know, CalPERS releases their renewal rates annually in June and participating entities have only 60 days to give notice that they wish to leave the program. So, now is the time to look at your options so that you may act quickly!

Tailored for the 2-250 group size, the GSRMA Small Group Health Program offers:

HMO, PPO, EPO & HDHP Options

Pooled Purchasing Power

Regional Rates

Exceptional Member Service

The GSRMA Small Group Health Program represents the best carrier partners:

Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Shield of California

Express Scripts

How do we compare?

GSRMA Small Group Health Program rate increase trend outperforms the marketplace!

Now is the time to review your healthcare alternatives! To learn more about the GSRMA Small Group Health Program or to request a quote, please contact:

Naomi Whatley

Employee Benefits Coordinator

Golden State Risk Management Authority

Email: Employee Benefits