Pollution Coverage

GSRMA member agencies are afforded pollution coverage through Public Risk Innovation, Solutions, and Management’s (PRISM) Pollution Program.  The PRISM Pollution and Remediation Legal Liability policy placed with Illinois Union (Chubb) expires on July 1, 2021. We have been notified by Chubb that they will be non-renewing the program effective July 1, 2021. A thorough and extensive marketing effort has been underway and we are seeking coverage with a new insurance carrier. Significant changes are anticipated to coverage including the loss of retroactive coverage and members need to be aware of the change in insurance carrier, as this will impact claim reporting on any known incidents. Any prospective renewal carrier will exclude all pollution conditions that occurred prior to the renewal policy’s inception and any known or pre-existing pollution conditions will not be covered by the renewal policy.

Claims Reporting

Pollution/Remediation Legal Liability policies are written on a “Claims Made and Reported” coverage form, which means that all claims and all known incidents that could give rise to a claim must be reported to the company during the policy period or during any extended reporting period in order for coverage to apply.  This is important in that we have had some unfortunate circumstances in the past where incidents or claims that would likely have otherwise been covered, were not, because the reporting requirement of known circumstances or incidents was overlooked.

In order to best ensure the continuity of coverage, any claims or known incidents that could give rise to a claim in the future needs to be reported to Illinois Union (Chubb) on or before June 30, 2021.  We strongly recommend that you check with anyone in your entity that may know of, or have heard of any claims or incidents that could give rise to a claim to be reported. There is no penalty for reporting any claim or known incident.

Please reach out to our Member Services Dept if you need to report a claim, or if you have any coverage questions.