We understand that employee training can be time consuming and expensive. A key component of GSRMA’s philosophy is to encourage training at all levels of your organization. As such, we offer a variety of attractive alternatives.

First, whatever your training plan is, your program will be enhanced by attendance at our Annual Training Day each October. For 2018, we welcome back Gordon Graham and look forward to his unique and humorous perspective on Risk Management. Between Mr. Graham, and breakout sessions carefully selected for industry relevance, we hope you will consider sending at least one member of your team to join us in Corning. Let us help you combat the EXPENSE, and send staff to this valuable training FOR FREE! In addition to picking up the tab for sending one staff person to this conference, the Loss Prevention Subsidy Fund is available to support the travel costs for additional attendees from your organization.

Second, GSRMA organizes and sponsors two sessions of Ethics and Harassment Prevention Training each spring at Granzellas in Williams. These sessions are well attended and full of timely information to keep your board members and staff in compliance with regulations and current laws in California. Like all of the training described here, there is no charge for these sessions. Look for these dates to be announced early in 2019.

Next, we are pleased to announce that the Target Solutions training content has improved. Acquired by an educational training company, Target Solutions has updated and expanded its offerings. The platform is still very easy to navigate and anyone with an e-mail address can be training online in no time. If you have not considered how you can implement this FREE service, please chat with us so we can advise how to utilize this valuable GSRMA member benefit today.

And last, but certainly not least, GSRMA is proud to offer an array of training programs available for presentation live and in-person for a district or regional training.

If you aren’t using technology (and GSRMA) to overcome the hurdles related to employee training and development, then that alone might be your challenge. Speak with a Loss Prevention Specialist at GSRMA and let us help you develop a training plan to bolster efforts within your organization.