GSRMA’s annual offerings of Ethics Training for Local Government & Harassment Prevention are now behind us. For the second year in a row we are pleased to offer not one but two sessions of this important compliance training to our membership. We sincerely appreciate all of you who attended and participated, making each of these events a success.

This spring we saw Mark Velasquez in for Bob Hunt and met Renee Nash for the first time. Many of you might be familiar with Mr. Velazquez, who has been working alongside Bob Hunt in anticipation of his retirement. Mr. Velazquez is a litigator and employment law specialist who staffs another GSRMA member benefit we hope you are aware of: the HR Hotline. If you would like more information on this valuable GSRMA benefit, please e-mail and staff will follow up with you personally.

Ms. Nash is a partner of the firm Hunt, Jeppson & Griffin and is a public official, serving multiple successive terms on her local school board. GSRMA continues to rely on the expertise of this firm as public agency specialists and claims counsel. We hope you will join us in welcoming Ms. Nash to future GSRMA trainings.

The April session of the training was facilitated solely by Mark Velasquez and saw 51 attendees at the Ethics Training and 54 at the Harassment Prevention. Law firm Partner Renee Nash joined Mr. Velasquez for the May session, and saw 65 attendees at the Ethics Training and 67 at the Harassment Prevention. All in all, staff and board members from 54 districts benefited from the spring training offerings.

This mandated training is required every two years. If you or someone at your district is in need of either Ethics or Harassment training, there is an on-line session to which our Loss Prevention staff can direct you, please call (530) 934-5633 or e-mail us at