The Risk Management Accreditation Program (RMAP) is a voluntary program we have developed at GSRMA to assist our member agencies with best practice and regulatory compliance. GSRMA members that participate in the program historically have experienced reduced frequency and severity of losses. In constant efforts of improving the program, we have made several changes for the 21/22 RMAP cycle. Please see below for these changes:

  • Letter of Intent: the Letter of Intent is how a member agency initiates interest in the RMAP. Historically, this had been due the first Monday in December. For 21/22, the Letter of Intent will be due the first Monday in September.
  • Renewal Meeting: We are substituting the Loss Experience Meeting for the Renewal Meeting. This required meeting will focus on losses and prevention methods, as the Loss Experience Meeting had, but will also review property schedules and coverages. Expect this meeting to take ~1 hour.
  • Agencies must be enrolled in our HR Hotline.
  • Management must participate in at least two PRISMtv webinars featuring Patricia Eyres, Managing Partner of Eyres Law Group. Patricia is also the main contact for the HR Hotline.
  • Districts must have a volunteer resolution or declination on file.
  • There will be added emphasis to the Loss Exposure Experience Plan. This plan addresses claims or concerns districts have experienced.

We encourage you to review the new 21/22 RMAP Application. Should you have any questions regarding the program or any of the changes for the 21/22 year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Risk Control Department.