The Risk Management Accreditation Program (RMAP) is a voluntary program we have developed at GSRMA to assist our member agencies with best practice and regulatory compliance. GSRMA members that participate in the program historically have experienced reduced frequency and severity of losses. Additionally, with participation in the RMAP, member agencies are eligible to receive up to  10% of their annual contribution, capped at $75,000.

In constant efforts of improving the program, we have made an important addition for the 22/23 RMAP cycle. With the 22/23 RMAP, we have now added the component of a Cyber Risk Self-Assessment. GSRMA and our partners are seeing increases in cyber attacks, and this self-assessment was designed to:

  • To raise the awareness of the serious nature of these threats
  • To initiate and support changes in your agency to protect against them

The Self-Assessment is built into our 22/23 RMAP, which can be found here. Should you want to view the Self-Assessment as a PDF, please click here.

Please keep in mind that Letters of Intent to participate in the RMAP program are due by the first Monday in September, so don’t hesitate to get your letter of intent submitted!

Should you have any questions regarding the program or any of the changes for the 22/23 year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Loss Prevention Department.

22/23 RMAP Application

22/23 Cyber Risk Self-Assessment