GSRMA Board of Directors Election

Feb 2017 01 | Posted by liz.smith

At the January 11, 2017 meeting, the GSRMA Board of Directors approved the candidate district list for the 2017 GSRMA Board election. The election will be conducted from February 1 through April 21, 2017. There are two open positions on the Board, one for fire districts and one for special districts.  Only members of these district types may vote in this election. Each district will get one vote for their district type (i.e. fire districts will only vote for one fire district position, and special districts will only vote for one special district position). The vote will either be by board action or by the district representative (usually the district manager or primary contact) as authorized by the district board. Members may vote either electronically, via USPS or fax. A ballot and additional instructions will be sent to our fire district and special district member agencies.

The following is a list of candidate districts for the open positions:


Special Districts Position:

Reclamation District 784


Fire District Position:

Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire District

Comptche Community Services District

Downieville Fire Protection District

Foothill Fire Protection District

Williams Fire Protection Authority


During the election period, nominated districts may contact districts in their peer group to promote their desire to appoint a representative to the GSRMA board.


For additional details regarding the trial election process, please contact our staff or see the following link.