With the adoption of SB 1343 California now requires employers to provide anti-harassment training for both supervisors (2-hours) and non-supervisors (1-hour). Target Solutions—the online platform that delivers free training for GSRMA members to your closest computer—is in the process of providing two courses that will comply with the current mandates, one for supervisors and one for all employees. Between now and June 7th, Target Solutions recommends you do not assign current courses as they are not (yet) compliant. GSRMA will post an update including the course titles when the new trainings are released. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing will also have training free available later in 2019, but for those GSRMA who want to get a jump on compliance, look for new courses coming very soon from Target Solutions. Questions? As always our Loss Prevention team is here to help. Please e-mail Loss Prevention or call (530) 934-5633.