Congratulations to Stephen Wood, GSRMA’s first Certified Safety Management Specialist (CSMS)! The CSMS is a designation awarded to those that have completed the nine-day Safety Management Specialist Program facilitated by the Safety Center. The course consists of completion of all course work and successfully passing the examination. The training topics that are discussed in this program include:

Implementing a successful safety program and Injury and Illness Prevention Plan

Understanding Industrial Hygiene

Inspecting the workplace

Accident Investigation

Managing OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements

Learning how to establish a successful safety program is the essence of the CSMS course. Certified specialists gain the knowledge and problem-solving tools necessary to help reduce losses by implementing a well-managed safety program.

What does this mean for your district? The level of training Steve has received will allow GSRMA to provide our members with comprehensive site inspections, assistance with Injury and Illness Prevention Plans, and helping your district to ensure regulatory compliance.

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