Many GSRMA member agencies are afforded pollution coverage through Public Risk Innovation, Solutions, and Management’s (PRISM) Pollution Program. The Pollution policy is written on a claims made and reported basis. Any known claims and all known incidents that could give rise to a claim must be reported to the company during the policy period in order for coverage to apply. Please note a retroactive date of 7/1/2021 will apply for legionella, mold, restoration costs, and sewage backup claims (new conditions coverage only). This means that the renewal policy will provide coverage for these claims that occurred after 7/1/2021 and going forward, however if there are known claims in these areas it is best to report now or prior to June 30, 2023 to utilize expiring limits.

A retroactive date of 7/1/2023 will apply to Contractors Environmental Legal Liability (CELL); Contractor’s Pollution/incidents on 3rd party sites and Products Pollution (i.e.: contaminated water). No retroactive or continuity of coverage is available for these coverages. The renewal policy will not provide coverage for CELL or Products Pollution Claims that occurred prior to July 1, 2023. Members should report any claims pertaining to these coverages immediately and no later than the expiration of June 30, 2023.

In short, please report any claims or known incidents that could give rise to a claim to GSRMA before June 30, 2023. There is no penalty for reporting any claim or known incident.

Please contact GSRMA at (530) 934-5633 to report an incident, or if you have any questions regarding the above information.