As a public agency, contracts are a part of doing business. However, contract language can be confusing and complex. Due to this complexity, Golden State Risk Management Authority is pleased to share the Insurance Requirements in Contracts (IRIC) Manual with our members.

IRIC is a great resource and considered to be the “standard” regarding insurance language and risk transfer. It explains how to establish insurance requirements for most contracts, and how to verify their compliance with these requirements during the term of the contract. There is a section on frequently asked questions, as well as a chart to determine which language should be used based on the type of activity being conducted.

Along with the IRC manual, we also recommend you consult with your general counsel for review and input regarding contract questions and issues.

If you have any questions regarding the IRIC Manual or insurance requirements in contacts, please feel free to contact our staff. We are always happy to assist our members.

To view and save the IRIC Manual (pdf version), please click here.