The sun has set on the 17th annual GSRMA conference, leaving us reflecting on two phenomenal days of inspiration, knowledge, and connection. From compelling speakers and insightful sessions to an enjoyable reception under the open sky, this conference was a true celebration of learning, networking, and forging lasting relationships. Join us as we revisit the highlights and key takeaways from an event that left attendees eager to cultivate a culture of risk management.


Day 1 Kicked Off with an Impactful Keynote

Jesse Brisendine, an award-winning speaker and author, captivated us with his thoughtful message about making work and life meaningful by embracing the preciousness of time. Using the average human lifespan of 4,004 weeks, Jesse urged us to make the most of every moment. He enlightened attendees on the connection between emotions and goals, emphasizing flexible communication as a path to success. Through meaningful stories and photos of loved ones, he wove an inspiring narrative that touched hearts. Laughter and tears flowed as Jesse connected poignant examples to life lessons on fostering purpose, relationships, and legacy in an unforgettable experience.


Insight into the Insurance Hard Market

Rick Brush from PRISM and Kevin Bibler from Alliant Insurance Services were dynamic experts, diving into the insurance hard market and explaining its factors and impacts. Their presentation journeyed through catastrophic losses and their influence. Providing a 5-year snapshot, they highlighted events like COVID-19 and hurricanes. Rick and Kevin left attendees well-informed with guidance on insurance strategies.


The Exciting Possibilities of AI

Oh, the power of AI! Michael Coogan, the Managing Partner at MC2 Design Group, introduced its possibilities with contagious enthusiasm. Michael’s knack for simplifying complexity was evident as he demonstrated AI’s many uses, making its potential not just understandable but exciting. His presentation blended innovation and practicality.


Demystifying The Interactive Process

Trusted supporters Derek Haynes and Dylan de Wit, attorneys from the law firm Porter Scott Attorneys, shared invaluable insights on interactive process and accommodation obligations. With extensive knowledge and engaging delivery, they clarified complexities using real examples. Their recurring presence provides education and inspiration.


Reception Under the Stars

The vendor reception offered the perfect setting for mingling and connecting under the stars. With drinks, a bevy of hors d’oeuvres, live music, and laughter, strengthened business ties and forged friendships – an excellent conclusion to an incredible day.


Day 2 Workshops Led by GSRMA Experts


Day 2 showcased speaker expertise that benefited attendees in various topics. Steve Wood shared strategies for developing a culture of safety. Dave Glende and Sam Adams overviewed cyber risks for local government. Jennifer Chilton and Ritesh Sharma offered tools for navigating fraud. Naomi Whatley and Brent Graham (Alliant Insurance Services) showed how to maximize employee benefits.


Closing Keynote on Breaking Cycles and Creating Change

Emiliano Cornejo and Scott Dinits from the Training Place, Butte College, emphasized cultivating compassion and face-to-face interactions to initiate change by disrupting patterns. It highlighted the power of human connections. The speakers encouraged us to acknowledge we all have limited visibility into personal struggles that our co-workers or those who interact with us are going through. It advocated shifting from judgment to curiosity, fundamentally altering viewpoints. Delving into communication approaches, it favored trauma-informed language that invites participation over assumptions. The complexity of emotions was underscored, advocating presence and empathy over platitudes. The takeaway was simple – be there and listen.


The 17th Annual GSRMA conference was truly an inspiring celebration of learning and relationships. Thank you to our speakers, members and attendees, and business partners for making the conference successful! Stay tuned for future events and resources related to risk management.