While we all do our best to avoid accidents and claims, sometimes the unthinkable happens and a claim occurs. Whether an employee gets injured on the job, a car backs into your district vehicle, or a tree falls on your office, GSRMA is here to help. At GSRMA, we provide all lines of coverage, and have experienced adjusters to help guide you through the claim process.

When a claim occurs,  there is a lot to act on and consider, and in efforts to help guide our members through the claims process we developed the Claim Instruction Sheet. The Claim Instruction Sheet is a one-stop guide to help members with the initial claim filing. We recommend you save the Claim Instruction Sheet somewhere you will be able to locate it should a claim occur.

So, the unthinkable has happened, a wind event occurred, and tree limbs fell and damaged your brand-new backhoe, let’s walk through the process of filing this claim:

  1. Locate and open the Claim Instructions Sheet (Attached here)
  2. Locate the applicable loss type, in this instance it would be a ‘Property Loss’
  3. Click the applicable Form, in this instance it would be the ‘Property Loss Notice’
  4. Fill out the form, try to use as much detail as possible
  5. Attach any additional documentation such as pictures, police report, etc and return to GSRMA via fax, email or mail
  6. That’s it! Your claim has been filed and we will contact you for additional items we need to help adjust the claim.

Should you have any questions with this process, please call our office at (530)934-5633 and we will be glad to assist.