Were you aware that sanitizers and disinfectants were classified as pesticides? The Healthy Schools Act (HSA) requires anyone using any pesticide at a school or childcare center to complete HSA training, annually. DPR has created several courses that fulfill the requirements set forth from the HSA, all free of cost. These free courses are made for teachers, custodians, nutrition service workers, groundkeepers, childcare staff, and anyone who works in a school environment and will be using sanitizers and disinfectants.

Please follow this link to create an account with the DPR. Once you have created an account, you will be able to take any of their 3 offered courses for school and office employees. We would recommend either Basic IPM (20 minutes) or Integrated Germ Management (40 minutes).

The HSA also requires that each school has an IPM coordinator. The IPM coordinator ensures HSA requirements are met as well as reports annual usage of pesticides by school personnel. Please click here to see a factsheet that details HSA requirements.

Please reach out to GSRMA Loss Prevention staff if you have any questions regarding these trainings or requirements set forth in the HSA.